Top Mascaras You Need to Checkout

Feb 26 , 2019


Geraldina Fuenmayor

Top Mascaras You Need to Checkout

A little touch of makeup can freshen up your everyday look without having to put up a lot of effort. One of the most basic and easiest ways to brighten up and add freshness o you look is to apply mascara. A single swipe of mascara can instantly make your eyes look more awake and lively. But mostly the quality of the mascara is important as some of the low-quality ones can clump up your eyelashes and make them appear untidy, this might as well end up ruining the entire look. Here are a few mascaras that you need to check out to get the best results: 

#1 Elate Essential Mascara – Black

Elate Mascara | Green Philosophy - Beauty Corner

This amazing mascara will lengthen and plump your eyelashes with every swipe and will give you the healthier looking lashes at any event, no matter if it’s just a busy day at the office or a night out with your friends. It is specially made for sensitive eyes from watering or burning.


#2 Pure Anada Mascara – Black

Pura Anada Mascara | Green Philosophy - Beauty Corner

This gluten, mercury and paraben-free mascara are the ones for you if you look for a natural product to use on your lashes. It will blow your mind with how it gives instant length and volume to your lashes and bring them the very needed freshness.


#3 Vegan Good Lash from Fitglow

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The botanical extracts and plant protein present in this mascara will allow your lashes to nourish, amplify the volume and increase the length. This multitasking mascara will also make your lashes stronger and thicker.


Now that you know of these amazing mascaras, don’t forget to check out the rest at Green Philosophy - Beauty Corner and choose the best one for yourself. We hope these products helped you on your way to get the best eyelashes.

Elate Fitglow Mascara Pure Anada

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