Loyalty Program - Gain Green Points

With our loyalty program, you can exchange your gained Green Points to obtain coupons to be used on your next order.

To have access to our program, just click on the Loyalty Program icon at the left bottom and sign up to start gaining Green Points.
Loyalty Program - Green Philosophy | Beauty Corner


Once you are logged in, you will see your gained Green Points
Loyalty Program - Logged in - Green Philosophy | Beauty Corner  
Here some ways to start gaining Green Points:


How to Earn Green Points

Actions and Events 
  • Signing up = 50 Green Points
  • Purchasing Products  = 1 Green Points per dollar 
  • Celebrating Birthdays = 50 Green Points
Social Media 


    Ways to obtain Coupon Rewards 

    You can redeem your Green Points to receive a code to be used to exchange it at the checkout page and get excellent discounts on your next order.

    • $5.00   Off   =  250 Green Points 
    • $10.00 Off   =  500 Green Points
    • $15.00 Off   =  750 Green Points